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Professional Learning

Generative AI and Education

Teachers: we are always nurturing the future in the now.

As we grapple with the tectonic shift of generative AI, we can use this moment to build our capabilities to create better schools.


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Professional Development courses: Generative AI

boy training a AI dragon

How to Train your Generative AI

Learn how to create your OWN trained chatbot which uses YOUR wisdom. By the end of this course, you can have created a chatbot (trained by you) to probe student, misconceptions, provide feedback on their learning journal.

Generative AI is like a new version of electricity- a General Purpose Technology. The exciting opportunities lie in harnessing this amazing language processing technology by building the applications that plug into it. Be a leader in harnessing AI for learning. No computer coding skills required at for this course. Even better, by the end of your first project, you will have the skills to facilitate your students to be creators as well.

Model life-long learning and nurture the future, now.

Venue: Virtual, online Webinar

Cost: $85 + GST

AI Teacher-Prothesis Workshop

Explore and Build some simple tools that will make a difference to your busy schedule, freeing you up for the important stuff. Do this as a favour for yourself!

Venue: Virtual, online Webinar

Cost: $75 + GST

robot hand holding pencil with brain thumb
policy Workshop logo

School AI Policy Development Workshop

Now is the time to start thinking about your school's strategic response to generative AI.

Join experts in the field in this workshop to support you to formulate a strategic response to Generative AI for your school.

  1. Understanding the dragon - Glimpse at how Generative AI works.

  2. Formulating a strategic response

    • Principles over rules

    • Drafting a strategy when unknowns abound.

    • Exploring existing frameworks.

  3. Ethicals and Safety

  4. Ideas exchange. Participants and guest panelists sharing experiences, local responses and lessons learned.

  5. Blurry Horizons: A look at the short-term future and emerging opportunities for schools, teachers, and students.

Where: Virtual Web-WorkShop

When: November 2nd, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Cost: Free, but booking essential


Generative AI in School Research

Be part of research into Generative AI impacts on teachers, students, schools

Contact:Professor Andrew Martin ( or Associate Professor Rebecca Collie (

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